Luckily enough, we have amazing bread in Vienna! There is nothing better than a Brettljausn (or simply bread and cold cuts)!
Joseph makes my favorite bread, but Mauracher and Kasses have fabulous breads for every dietary restriction under the sun. A simple and easy meal with prosciutto, olives and tomato salad is fun for guests that come by on short notice, or just for a quick dinner with my family. For the sake of the vegetable lover in our little group – me,  I salted and set aside some eggplant in olive oil for 15 min, which I then quickly grilled and made into a great open faced sandwich with the Serrano ham and parmesan shavings. My sweetheart loves simple food and good quality products and I agree: it does not have to be fancy and complicated, just look at the pictures and stop by next time for a quick Brettljausn!