Before Easter weekend I had never been to California, let alone the west coast of the US. I had been dying to go for such a long time and I couldn't have had a better weekend with my friend Aya and her sweet family. I realized how much I missed the ocean after being away from Bermuda for such a long time. I apologize for the bad quality photos on some of these pictures, but as you already know I lost a lot of my pictures recently. So here's my photo diary of our first day:

On our first day we tried going surfing, failed miserably and tried a whole bunch of new food. Here are a few of the things we had: Eggs benedict with avocado and bacon and Acai Bowls (who knew it was acceptable to have ice cream for breakfast) at 101 Diner in Encinitas. We had the most incredible Salted Caramel Lattes at Lofty that I already miss having. 

We also went to a basbell game in downtown San Diego: San Diego Padres vs San Francisco Giants. Naturally we had to have peanut butter milkshakes and fries with bacon infused ketchup at Slaters 50/50 after the baseball game, it was only right. Everything they serve there is in some way related to bacon and they even make bacon cocktails, how unusual is that?

The last picture is one of the craziest things I've ever eaten: cookie pizza at BJ's steakhouse. They ask you to choose 4 different types of cookies and then serve them warm in the same dish with a crazy amount of ice cream (very low calorie obviously). In case you were wondering we opted for salted caramel, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chunk cookie.