I once had a real addiction to broccoli it was not harmful but lasted a year!

Broccoli stem

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You need

Shredding the broccoli 

2 full stem of broccoli florets, shredded
½ cup cranberries, cut
1 cup cheddar cheese in small pieces
1 cup Mozzarella cheese in cubes
½ cup pine nuts
1 cup smoked ham, cut
1 cup light mayonnaise, homemade  
1 cup crème fraiche
½ cup diced onions
salt, pepper, chili

All there is to do is put everything on the list onto a bowl and season to taste with salt and chili. Best alone as appetizer or as side with grilled meat.

This salad reminds me so much of our time in Bermuda! At Miles Market in Hamilton – what had I done without this store??? Their selection was the best, the best King Salmon, the best Angus Beef, the best cheese, the best salads and O! Their cookies!!! I never ate better ones.

      Usually before we went on our boat for the afternoon we selected our picknick goodies from there and headed over to the Royal Yachtclub where our water ski boat was moored.

I arranged all the ingredients in the bowl above over the broccoli for you to see how easy it is mix it all together and season to taste, sometimes it needs a little extra white balsamic vinegar to make it yummy. Leftovers can be used in a wrap next day for lunch.