Mario says: Red onions, avocado and bananas are a perfect match

Mario says: Red onions, avocado and bananas are a perfect match

Monday we posted about the Restaurant Kussmaul and Sophie wrote that I fell in love with this salad - no - she said I was obsessed with making it! So true and I tried to think of all the possible ways the recipe could go and came up with a very simple and easy to make version:

3 perfect avocados - the recipe for the not so perfect ones will follow!
½ red onion cut in thin slices
1 medium banana, in half and sliced, peeled of course
1 teaspoon lime juice
3 tablespoons olive oil
little salt and
1 teaspoon maple syrup 


The avocados I get lately are often disappointing, they are brown inside with the typical overripe spots and veins and with those I make a cream after I cleaned them. Recipe will follow.

This looks so yummy, it might become a favorite of mine

The ones I used here are perfect the banana just right and the result yummy.
Try to serve it next weekend with scrambled eggs on a rye toast. It's goodness pure and gives you a great start into a productive day.

How to :
Cut the avocado and mix all ingredients in a bowl, overdoing it might make the salad into a cream, so be gentle, please. The syrup will enhance the sweetness of the banana.

Thank you Mario Bernatovic for this great inspiration.