Chanel 2014 Fall Fashion Show

I know I'm not I'm not the only one, who was incredibly impressed by the originality and creativity shown in the Chanel Fall 2014 Fashion Show set in a Chanel Supermarket filled with grocery store items that were rebranded to fit the Chanel image. Similarly, the last Moschino show was inspired by items from the fast food industry in bright yellow and red. While I seriously love my food, I don't usually buy things that are extremely "on trend" during one specific season. These bags seem more like collectors' items to me, and even if you don't wear them very often, they would look seriously amazing put on display in a book shelf or on your dresser. My personal favorites are the Chanel Lait de Coco and the Kellogs's Frosties Bag by Anya Hindmarch.

What are your thoughts on the current Fast Food in High Fashion trend? Would you ever splurge on a bag like this? And how would you wear it? Food for thought (Sorry I just couldn't resist that one!)