Fashion Weeks are in full swing right now, so I thought I would share 9 of my favorite items for fall, as inspired by the street style I've seen so far. (if you can't see the above you might have to disable adblock for this page to see the lookbook I created for you).

1. Plaid is making a comeback in a subtle, non-grungy, modern way and I have to say I actually love it this time around. Pair it with monochrome colors for an urban chic look.

2. As you know I love all things chevron (even on straws) and a black and white chevron skirt is just as great for fall as it is for winter, just throw on some black tights and you're good to go.

3. Tortoise shell sunglasses are usually my go to, but for fall and winter I'm loving these darker shades.

4. Inspired by Burberry's blanket coats from their fall runway show, these coats/loose sweaters look like the most comfortable way to transition to fall, while still looking put together.

5. I've always loved loafers, for just that extra bit of coverage while still looking fashionable, but providing comfort.

6. One of my favorite pairings for fall is a beige hat over a black and white look, the camel color pulls everything together really nicely and keeps the look from being too monochrome.

7. Another comfy shoe option with just the right balance between sporty and chic.

8. Thin gold jewelry is still here and stronger than ever, and I love that it's such a simple way to elevate your outfit, especially during day time.

9. Burgundy bags are big this fall and again, look great with camel colors and the every trusty black and white.

What are your favorites for this fall?

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