Done partying ...

Done partying ...

Hi everyone, how did you survive the festive season?
This year I left my tree way too long in the house and it was completely dry in the end. Never again! By then a Christmas tree should rank as a weapon with a million shrapnels you can find everywhere. It is a nightmare.

But the best part, once we have it outside the house is that no one is able to bring it away to the dump. Still too heavy to carry it I came up with an idea that is now my favorite tradition. I tie it with a rope to the  back of the car and pull it up the road behind me, slowly but steadily. I get a lot of surprised looks and smiles from neighbors ! Believe me ! Kids love it too!

How do you get rid of your tree?

And in a way my body feels the same after Christmas and the overload on sugar and alcohol. How convenient it would be to just tie all the bad stuff to a car and pull it to the dump. I decided to feed myself now with fresh healthy drinks lots of water and less of comfort food. This is a recipe that will lift your mood, just by the color.



5 fresh red beets
1/4 of a celeriac
1 lemon
3 cm fresh ginger

Blend with the flesh of a 1/4 of a honey dew melon until smooth. Add water if you like.

Red Beet smoothie

Good bye Christmas tree, Christmas sins and Christmas tree needles.

Cheers to Detox!