Pumpkin soup
pumpkin soup

How do you like my new plates? Aint they amazing? Crackles and texture and color and everything. I love them. I waited almost 4 months since I ordered them and they are worth it for sure. I was with a friend when I picked them up and she immediately asked me: What will you put in them ? I said with conviction: A Salad!
See how that works? I made a pumpkin soup instead, because my dear, sweet and caring friend  Elsa gave me 4 beautiful pumpkins form her visit to the pumpkin farm last week. She sent a note for me to recover soon and so I thought, well why not, lets get well! So sweet gifts make life so special to me. Usually I am the one making food presents, I was very touched, thank you Elsa- Angel!

exotic Pumpkin soup

Sophie loves everything about autumn except pumpkin in any form or version. I am pretty sure that this post will go by unmentioned between the two of us just like the Asian Pumpkin soup last year. Anyway there are lots of us who love this versatile fall fruit that brings home so many comforting memories. I love to pair this otherwise rather bland taste of the pumpkin with smoked salt and bacon or like the Asian Pumpkin soup from last year with lemon grass and ginger. This time I challenge your younger members of the family with a quite exotic flavor to the fall favorite. 

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Preparation time 30 min
Cooking time 22 – 25 min

You need

1 Hokkaido pumpkin, deseeded and cut in chunks
¼ of a small celery root peeled and cut in small cubes
1 small onion cut in cubes
vegetable oil
1 head of a clove spice, crushed
¼ tsp of curcuma
¼ tsp of grated orange peel ( or ¼ cup of orange juice)
2 -3 tsp Moscovado sugar ( strong malty sugar)
Juice of ½ lemon, 1 tbsp
A little bit of nutmeg and as much chili as you want to tolerate
decorate with:
fresh young onions and chilies, cilantro and pumpkin seed oil

Roast the pumpkin chunks, celery and onions in a large enough pot over medium heat until the roasting aromas fill your kitchen and you can see the vegetables taking color - 7 min.
Fill up the pot with water so everything is covered at least 2 cm above the roasted good. You can always add more so keep the amount moderate. Add the clove, curcuma, salt and chili and let boil for 15 minutes bubbling. Mix in a blender really well and smooth and add sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg and orange peel. Serve decorated with fresh greens, chilies and pumpkin oil.

hokkaido pumpkin