The morning I arrived at the Amangiri Sophie and I got up at 4:30 to drive from Sedona to Page just to see the Horseshoe Bend of the Grand Canyon River before Sophie had to take one of those scary choppers back to be in NY on time for her exams. So I passed the state border to Utah along Lake Powell by myself on route 89 north and turned left on a private road called Larkspur. Hidden in the mountains after you leave the great plain behind, a single windy road lined with green birches leads to the Amangiri. Peacefulness.
Three architects are responsible for this retreat that cuddles close to the rocks on one side and leaves this sheer endless view to the other side.
that is all I got to see when I arrived because my tourgide was ready to leave to show me the three canyons, all I could do was grab my camera and off we went.

Amangiri Lobby
Amangiri bath

The bathtub is quite something don't you thinK? There is a shower to the left and to the right just in case. I had a visitor as this is ground floor andI was wondering if other guests might take a walk to explore the premisses. But mine was very welcome. While I took my shower, both evening and morning, a black tail rabbit hopped by to eat from the bushes outside and sat real still for a portrait. How considerate of him!

Then I was shown around the Amangiri and saw the spa, fitness center, pool side and the many amazing views the architecture allows to the vast surrounding property. My bed was just incredible, more like a cloud 7, so comfy! 

Amangiri pool
Amagirir room

I decided I must come back for sure! But stay longer. One gets really pampered here and feels sorry for oneself to have to go back to civilization …

waiting for the spa treatment

waiting for the spa treatment