The year drew to an end faster then we thought and naturally we look back. All these amazing places we visited and the beauty we saw, the friends we made and especially those we remade! Some believe that it is best to never look back and contemplate on what we cannot change anymore and ponder on the why of things happened. But if this was the case history could never teach us a thing. That is in my opinion totally wrong and unspeakably unwise.


Each step we make and every word we speak and receive shapes our now and here, don't you agree?
Acceptance and forgiveness lift the grief of real pain.
The moment I embrace who I am the moment I am freed of the haunting 'whys' of the past.

I am unspeakably grateful und thank God for who He is.
Isn't home the most beautiful of all places?

Road with shadows

Walking the road I felt the cold air I could smell the land and see the frosty flowers on every stem. I heard the crunch of each of my steps on the icy road and I saw my breath disappearing before my eys. The tracks of last year's final work on the field the long fingershaped shadows of the trees far away, all of this was hidden from me. Thanks to Julian and his drone who took this stunning photos from above.


Phots taken by Julian jsvob and Marion