Paris. No other city captivates me in the same way Paris does. I've always felt that you need to actually live in a city for a month or two before you truly understand the way things work. Paris is more cafes and pretty corners to me than tourist attractions and macarons. I'll always value the calm corners of the Marais above the Champs Elyseè. Then there are those things that started to infinitely annoy me about Paris, late night eating made complicated or impossible, people judging you for imperfect French or the lack of culinary variety at reasonable price points. And yet, Paris still manages to draw you in, slowly but surely attaining your love if you weren't already convinced at first sight. 

Revisiting Paris after attending culinary school there last summer somehow felt different. I'd already seen all the places on my list and allowed my feet to remember which streets led to which bakery and my mind to aimlessly wander past memories at every street corner (This also included forcing myself to wake up at 6 am to see the Trocadero and Montmartre while void of tourist minus the lone Asian guy taking selfies with a camera on a tripod). Seeing as I hoarded all these images until now, I'll be dedicating this week to Paris here on the blog with a detailed shortlist and a list of hidden gems to follow in the coming days.

Paris Book Store
Eiffel Tower Paris
Paris rooftops