yogurt soup

Having Sophie around is the best ingredient to a wonderful summer! First we laugh so much more when she is around. It is insane sometimes we cannot stop until we cry! Second I have a kindred spirit when it comes to healthy food ... well, at least until there is a good and heart warming dessert involved. Last Saturday we were invited for dinner and it was a hot and busy day full of adventure, my first workshop for food photography with ezgipolat here in Vienna. Organized by ladyvenom for igersvienna and the viennatouristboard, we met at the Hotel am Brillantengrund and had the chance to shoot food arranged and styled by Ezgi, then we ventured in smaller groups through the 7th district and Sophie and Julian joined us later that afternoon at Neni's where Nuriel spoiled us with the best Mediterranean food in town.

We were exhausted when we finally came back home just to realize that we were 1 hour late for dinner at our new friends' home!!! How embarrassing! We just texted : we'll be there in 20 ... and frantically threw clothes on, I grabbed some high heels and we hopped into the car armed with a bottle of champagne and an extra large bag of my Marions Granola! Half way there, I realized that I had two left shoes with me both black but unfortunately together useless. We didn't turn around ... of course not! I said we can only tell the truth and hope they will forgive us! And as it seems we didn't loose our new friends right away we had a fun and relaxed evening, laughed about my outfit, and we stayed until I almost fell asleep! Have you ever done something so embarrassing ? please share you story and make me feel better! Our friends have great taste in interiors and she sent me to a store nearby that carries unusual products. I bought this pretty green bowl by Rina Menardi and ordered some more plates and bowls in different colors you will soon see on my food photography!

No summer without chilled soup! I am a huge fan of soups anyways, because they make great comfort food and they can be prepared ahead of time. This one is in particularly easy and light and keeps well in the fridge for up to 3 days becoming even better! No cooking required - only a blender and fresh herbs.

cucumber soup

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Preparation time: 15 min
Chilling time: over night or a couple of hours

You Need

450 g Greek yoghurt 
1 large cucumber, peeled and deseeded
2  fresh celery stalks
sea salt
1/2 teaspoon of garlic paste (optional)
1/2 cup water

For decoration:
1 sprig if mint leaves
1 sprig of dill
1 chicory 
4 small white mushrooms
handful of baby spinach
1/2 cup of cottage cheese, drained and rinsed
black sea salt and olive oil 

Cut the cucumber and the celery stalks in bite sizes, fill your blender with it and add the Greek yoghurt. Blend for 4 minutes until all is smooth and chill before you serve it. Chill your bowls as well that will keep the soup cold on really hot days.

To assemble the soup share evenly among four bowls, add the herbs, spinach, chicory and mushroom slices, sprinkle with some of the cottage cheese and drizzle the olive oil artfully over the soup. Finally add some of the black sea salt, mine is from Iceland but you can buy back salt from Hawaii as well. If you do not fancy dill use  basil, cilantro or chervil. Whatever suits your taste best. I don't think this recipe will ruin your diet or fill you with unnecessary calories, but it will definitely make you and your loved ones happy!