July was an absolutely insane month that was seemingly over in less than the blink of an eye. I left New York for the summer July 1st and have basically been traveling non-stop ever since. I went to London, Paris, Iceland, Vienna, Copenhagen and Salzburg and am now relaxing near the lake my family goes to every year. You can check out a post on our trip from last year here. I really hope you've been enjoying the increase in travel content over here, please let us know if you want more tips or details on any of the travel guides!

  1. Some of the most beautiful places I visited this month were Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door on my day trip to Dorset during my stay in London.
  2. We posted a fun recipe for fried Eggplant and paired it with tomato jam.
  3. While in Iceland, we saw countless waterfalls and went on an epic helicopter ride across the country.
  4. Not that you really needed another excuse to eat avocado, but here's a great bruschetta recipe.
  5. My mom and I went to Copenhagen and ate nearly everything in sight, but climbed up a lot of steep towers to get great views of the city.
  6. I finally got to make use of a big kitchen again and made these Salted and Dark Chocolate Stuffed Almond Butter Cookies.
  7. If you haven't entered our Bikini Giveaway yet, make sure you do it before Tuesday!

Have you traveled anywhere great this summer? I'd love to hear your suggestions as to where I should go next!