Watermelon sherbet

Another heatwave is here and the summer is back in Vienna. My kitchen looks like a fruit store and I had to come up with an alternative for my fruit consumption. The other day I shopped at our local organic store and while waiting at the cashier I noticed a lady with 5 or six watermelons in her cart behind me. I agree the melons are extra ordinary tasty this summer but the quantity made me curious. So I just commented: That many watermelons must be for a large pool party ...? She just smiled and said: No, its for me and my son over there. We are Vegans. Guess one must eat 10 times the quantity of fruit and vegetables to survive a heatwave. I felt terrible! Dear lady, if you get tired of eating simple watermelons here is my really simple alternative for dessert or in between meals.

Absolutely vegan and guaranteed refreshing - no cooking - fat free - 100% organic - unbelievably good - without sugar

Watermelon granita

You Need

600 g peeled watermelon, deseeded
Juice of one lime
3 tbsp agave sirup
100 ml water

Put everything in a blender and mix. The water will help the sherbet to crystallize and the amount of the agave sirup can vary depending on the sweetness of your watermelon. Mine was really perfect and sweet. Let the mix freeze in an ice machine, fill it into the container of your choice, I used a tray and freeze again for at least 2 hours. To serve you can scrape the sherbet with a spoon and enjoy. 

I haven't tried yet to freeze the mix right away without using an ice machine, but I am certain it will work just as fine! Let me know if you succeeded! 

For all the adventurous out there: serve in a glass for white wine and add a dash of vodka ... mhhhh!