carrot cakes
carrot cakes

When Julian was in Schweden he called home quite often, not because he was in trouble or bored but he absolutley fell in love with all the stores there! Design wherever he looked. He came home with beautiful light bulbs that have this gorgeous glimming wire and give the room soft warm lighting. He could not resist to get me some gifts from there and so he wanted to make sure if I liked the things he selected. These molds I absolutle love they are amazing and they look so pretty!

Needless to say I got a few cookbooks this Christmas and lots of inspiration came along with it! One book I love because the photography is really nice and the book is devided into 4 seasons with lots of tips and tricks on how to grow food and live from your own produce. Every recipe is somewhat from fresh things that grow in her vegetable garden and a little orchard. This keeps me dreaming of my own one day ... Barbara kocht is the title of this wonderful cookbook, a smart and talented mother of three who invites you on her journey throughout the course of one year, her love to get her hands dirty and the soil that brings fresh home grown goodness to the table.

I love carrot cake and I still had some lebkuchen in the house from Christmas, which should have ended up in a soufflee for dessert, if not this recipe overtook my mind and I am so happy, happy it turned out so yummy! All it takes now is that you kind of have similar lefovers at home but if not I will show you an alternative that will work just as fine.

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Preparation time 20 min
Oven temperature 180°C

You Need

160 g melted butter
160 g brown sugar
3 eggs
130 g gingerbread, grounded*
50 g almond meal
½ tbsp. baking powder
160 g peeled and grated carrots
1 tbsp. lemon juice
60 g pecans, chopped
20g caster sugar made from brown sugar n your blender for dusting

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Melt some butter over low heat and brush the molds thoroughly with butter, dust them with some of the gingerbread flour. I then turned the molds over onto a board to save the excess and used it for the recipe along with the rest.
Melt the 160g butter and let cool again so the eggs won't cook and clump when added, start beating the butter while you slowly add the sugar, add egg by egg and keep mixing.
Now add the grated carrots. Mix the almond meal with the gingerbread meal
( *I just dropped the hardened gingerbread into the blender and turned it on middle speed, done), salt and the baking powder and fold it under the egg mixture along with the chopped pecans until combined but try not to overdo it.
Spoon the batter into your molds almost to the edge, they don’t rise that much and make sure the batter is pushed to the sides, my forms would not show these nice spikes if I had forgotten that! Bake for 40 minutes they are done when the inserted skewer comes out clean again.

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