Coming home is just what it feels like upon entering the premises of Mollies Hotel. Built as a home for the mayor of Aukland this boutique hotel has everything you are looking for. Tranquillity in a prestigous neighborhood with almost no traffic and great cafes in walking distance. I will soon write about one that we had breakfast in during our stay. The interior is so special in an absolutely good sense. Mollie owned and ran the hotel as a B&B until one of her nieces who previously worked at the opera house in NY changed the interiors to what it is now, so the feeling of a stage for privacy and comfort never leaves you. We had a private dinner one night on this beautifully set table with an eight course menue. We are kind of obsessed with food, as you already know, and each course was fabulous! 

In case you get the chance to visit before their winter make sure you stay at Mollies, it is absolutly charming. (This post isn't sponsored we just fell in love with the place!) Have you guys been to Auckland? What was your favorite thing there?

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