As you know, I come to Paris at least once a year (you can check out my previous posts and guides) to eat my body weight in bread, cheese and pastry. This time the Park Hyatt Vendome was kind enough to host me for a night. When asked to review something here on the blog, I usually try to find at least 1 point of criticism, but with the Park Hyatt, I simply couldn't find anything. The breakfast to the staff to the rooms, everything was just lovely. Not to mention how much I loved the location: just a stone's throw away from Hotel Costes, Palais Royal and Ellsworth (as well as most of the tourist attractions, but I tend to avoid those now, because I've visited them all several times). I spent my first day eating and walking my way through the Marais after a quick breakfast at Telescope, followed by steak and fries for dinner at Hotel Costes. Perfection if you ask me.