We vowed to come back again just for the bike rides, the coffee and ice cream and the happy mood swings. My Dad loved Copenhagen right away so for the mere fun of it we imagined to buy a pretty flat, with lots of space so whenever he comes visiting he can have his own room. We went through the neighborhood with our eyes open for rent signs. I would move here in an instance if you let me. Strolling through the streets, and along Newhaven has its particular charm.

This time we visited the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens and found this iron cast spiral staircase and took a trillion shots right here.

A visit to Copenhagen must include the Nordic kitchen in one way or another, we were privileged to eat at the famous noma just after our arrival, straight from the airport. We sent my brother off with the luggage to the hotel and I am quite sure he had a burger that day, he is still not happy with set menus and more than 3 courses, BUT WE WERE!
Still thankful they gave us a table after being on their waiting list and we had to change the open reservation maybe 3 times due to our flight schedule..., I expected to get one of those stare to death looks from the reception. But...

The warm welcome of the staff was the first highlight, they all showed up with a big smile and we felt truly at home right away. Then we ate the most amazing handcrafted and detailed dishes I ever saw. Shelled peas, I mean just the halves from the inside of a pea just to name one!
Most dishes were outstanding but the bread made from a yeast dough going back 13 years from Noma's first opening, a batch is taken each day to live on for the next ... it was by far the best bread of our entire trip!

Please meet my absolute favorite instagramer from my early time on. He is the kindest and nicest person, father of two and a real inspiration Morten Nordstrøm to me from early on. His puddlegrams caught my attention. He is now a freelance photographer and I wish you all the best Morten!

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Let us know how you plan your Copenhagen visit and the sights we missed.