Ace Hotel Portland

I took the picture for this post on my last trip, but, as always, my mind is already on the next trip ahead. Here are my picks for this week's installment of the reading list focusing on summer travel:

  1. Kristina Bazan is always flawless, but this post specifically gets me excited for my trip to Paris in just a few weeks.
  2. If you're also getting a little tired of this stifling New York heat (or the heat wherever you are), take a peek at these perfect nearby getaways.
  3. If you've watched Jurassic World and you want to go to places that look just like it, this list might help you.
  4. How perfect and comfy are these espadrilles for summer trips?
  5. Here's CN Traveler's list of the 25 most repinned travel destinations of all time. (you can also follow us on pinterest here, for our own curated wanderlust picks).
  6. I can't wait to eat at this picture perfect restaurant in Copenhagen this summer.
  7. Carin's beautiful pictures of Paris at Dusk make me excited for my upcoming trip to Paris.
  8. How incredible is this blogger's vlog of her trip to Tokyo?