Momofuku Fried Chicken Lunch

Momofuku is already a pretty cool place to eat, but if you book ahead you can get their fried chicken lunch or dinner, which takes everything to a whole new level, as my room mate Diya can confirm.

We started out with shrimp buns.

And sausage buns.


Then came the chicken with these four sauces: spicy chili, duck sauce, scallion sauce and 


With fresh veggies.

Momofuku Fried Chicken Lunch

And the masterpiece: one southern style buttermilk fried chicken and one spicy Korean fried chicken.

My favorite was the Korean fried chicken, with duck sauce wrapped in a pancake.

And the not so tasty aftermath of our meal:


And for desert salted pretzel truffles, "The Ritz" cookies and soft serve from Momofuku milk bar.


Make sure you reserve in advance, it's pretty popular and now I definitely know why! Find them in East Village: