This summer was extreme in many ways. The Weather? Scorching hot and freezing cold, at least on our Iceland trip. Going on a skidoo ride on a glacier in July and figuring out how early I should get up for my run before the asphalt turns into a stove only a week later. Between the Nordic charm and the beauty of a sky full of falling stars in Salzburg and us wrapped in blankets our eyes fixed on the night sky, we discovered once again that the best part of life is not to be found online. I kind of miss the time when nobody had a phone in their hands when we discussed TV free time or not, when a date was set and you actually made it there without further ado. I am myself an instagrammer and a blogger, I love to follow others on their journey as well as to contribute my ideas to the huge community out there, you most of all who inspire me to share to investigate food and recipes to promote your business or to show my appreciation to. There is just this tiny memory, that I know how it felt, a day that stretches longer than you imagine you can endure because you were not constantly inspired online.


My summer showed me as well, that I can still learn and change my opinion 180° just because I listened and heard the words said. That really surprised me. I told a lovely young girl, Chelsea, on the day she turned twenty, that someone once said:

The first twenty years are for learning, the next twenty years for fighting
and then you have time to become wise.

I don't know who said that but it seems to be true for a lot of people. Some kids have so much to learn in their first twenty years, that they decide they are done with learning, done with changing and done with listening. I can except that attitude. But being in the third quarter of that quote I don't want ever to stop learning. It is a wonderful freedom.

The Green Lake

The Green Lake

Each spring this lake fills up with crystal clear water, benches and walkways along the shore disappear for a couple of months until the water resides again. My absolute favorite discovery this summer in the heart of Styria in my beloved Austria.

My favorite recipes this summer, though it was kind of hard to decide, were the Greek Yogurt Soup, the Near East Plate, The Fried Aubergines and the Couscous Salad with my own preserved Moroccan Lemons. Each of these dishes I could eat the entire bowl of - no problem!

on the lake

This summer I fell in love with swimming! And it is soooooo exhausting!

Our trip to Copenhagen and Helsingör Was wonderful, and I really miss Sophie being back in NY by now. This trip and our 2 day trip to the Castle of Neuschwanstein were perfect! 

In case you find yourself ever wanting to do something but somehow you fell there is something hindering you … Try another time but try! Put the phone down close the laptop and get out there, swing by at the persons house you want to get in touch again and read the book. The real thing!

My summer was fabulous and how was yours ?