This week's installment of our reading list:

  1. The photography for this recipe of Lilac syrup is just stunning. If you want to use that in lemonade, here's a recipe for you.
  2. Rachel from Pink Peonies makes the best shopping lists, like this one for summer totes.
  3. If you're always looking for great instagram accounts to follow, check out this post we wrote a while back.
  4. As if my wanderlust wasn't bad enough already, this list of the most amazing lakes (or natural swimming pools) across the world really doesn't help.
  5. I recently discovered a new high street brand (I've been trying to diversify my closet beyond 100% Zara right now). How great are their dresses?
  6. Real estate and interior design are some of my biggest obsessions, especially when it comes to New York City and more specifically West Village. This townhouse would be an absolute dream.
  7. I would love try out all of these flower cocktail recipes this summer.
  8. One of my favorite film makes, Ben Brown just posted a new video about his trip to South Africa, and it's insanely stunning.